PG&E: less gas usage = credit on bill

I certainly like being rewarded for lowering my consumption of water (See save water and $180/year), so now it's now time for me to take the PG&E challenge and see if I can be rewarded for using less gas.
For ever percent you decrease your natural gas usage during January and February (compared to last year's usage I assume?), you'll receive an equal percent credit on your spring gas bill. To make a bigger difference, if you reduce usage by 10% or more, your savings jumps to 20%.
Last January I used 33 therms and last February I used 29 therms.... so I guess an average of 31 therms is my number to beat!
(We did have a few crazy warm bikini-weather days here in Jan, so that should work in my favor.)
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annual $$ check-up

Exactly 364 days ago I calculated my net worth for the first time. I decided that it should be an annual ritual, like a financial check-up or check-in of sorts. However, I think I now understand why my brother recently sent me a link to shesgeeky . It's Friday night, and here I am writing about how I'm calculating my net worth! (Plus I'm doing it with a hand-held calculator, which probably makes me some kind of neo-Luddite geek...) I know there are plenty of net-worth calculator websites, MSNBC Calculator, NetWorthIQ , etc. but somehow it feels more satisfying for me to do by hand. Then there's the question, should I have to calculate it at all? I suppose I could enter all my financial and banking information (passwords too) into an online money management site like Mint and my net worth would automatically be calculated, up-to-date and available to be checked at any time. Hmmm... would I then want to check it all the time--like a person who gets on the scale to check their weight everyday?
For the time being, I like the perspective of looking back on the past year and seeing how I've done, especially since I can now say my net worth went up 10% since last year. A victory!
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No, that's not my FICO score, but rather my Twitter Happiness Score !?! "Happytweets is a measuring stick for how positive, or happy, a particular Tweep is." Forgive me for being a bit slow on my twitterati lingo -- is a tweep like a peep like a person? This is all likely a bunch of @#$%, but I confess that I was pleased to see that my 624 for theparttimelife equates to Over The Top Happy! (not quite up to the 750 high-scorer status yet, so still some room for progress....)



Whatever you want to call it, I am very grateful for my "day away" today. Due to an modified teaching schedule this week for exam week, I had the whole day off! With this Indian-summer-like winter weather, I decided to make the most of it and headed to the Carmel Highlands/Big Sur area to soak in the gorgeous coastline and wildlife. It was a day of light hiking, sitting, listening, watching, reading, writing... delicious time to just BE. Sooo worth it! It was interesting to me that I had to make a very conscious decision before I left this morning to not turn on the computer. (I don't really want to admit that I'm somewhat addicted.) But I did feel a minor sense of withdrawal from having nearly 20 hours with no screen time... HereI am -- back on the computer tonite. A day in paradise left me quiet and reflective but somehow now that 'the machine' is on, I quickly revert to multi-tasking mode and fill myself with email, online shopping, Scrabble, and writing in my blog. Perhaps I just need more practice with micro-vacations -- I'm going to challenge myself to go 'screen-less for a day' more often... and next time, the full 24 hours!



A main reason I choose the part-time life is to be a person who isn't just constantly waiting for the weekend, vacation, or retirement to arrive. I was falling back into that trap a bit in '08 in spite of being part-time... but am getting back into the groove. Danced last night til nearly midnite without a care in the world because it's one of my no-work mornings.... ahhhh..... swinging, spinning, dipping to a live swing band is a great way to spend a Wednesday night. Now off for a morning ride on my red beach cruiser :)


creating space

It was definitely feeling crowded in my brain at the end of '08 and I'm glad that some space has returned...
I got my carpets steam cleaned yesterday and it kicked off a flurry of clutter clearing, re-arranging, Goodwill donating, paper shredding, etcetera. They say that your outer physical world is often a reflection of your inner one -- while many would already call me a minimalist, this new layer of clearing is helping my mind have a much welcome fresh start for the new year. (Kat-naps and time to just "be" help a lot too.)
Too much clutter (physical or mental) and go-go-go, do-do-do energy do not help the creative me thrive; I am grateful for breathing space to return and invite my creative self to come out and play in '09!!!!