let nature do the work

It's  a simple formula :  clothesline +  sunshine + a bit of time = dry, fresh-smelling clothes.   So, what's the problem?  Why do we Americans tend to like images of clothes hanging out to dry in other countries but we won't actually hang clothes ourselves? 

On my visit to Oz, Australian friends were shocked that I'd never ever hung laundry outside to dry before.   Nope, never.  When I had been an exchange student in Spain, my host mom was the only one who operated the pulley-style clothesline strategically hung outside the kitchen window of the high-rise apartment building.  A few years living in England, though, gave me some good practice without a dryer, but there, hanging clothes was an inside job involving radiators and drying racks (and sometimes resulted in moldy-smelling clothing!)  

A clothesline was an early purchase at my current California home as I wanted to enjoy all this sunshine which I so sorely missed in England.  But it didn't take that long before my stackable washer/dryer right in my bathroom lured me away from my clothesline.  Did I just get re-Americanized?  Or lazy? Or rushed? Or out of touch with nature?  It took my German visitors this past summer who had no interest in my dryer to get me to brush the cobwebs off my neglected clothesline and re-discover a simple pleasure.   

Go Green (Forever) 2011 stamps
Technology, speed, and convenience are wonderful things that I truly appreciate in my life,  but how often do we allow ourselves to disconnect from technology these days and focus on one task at a time?  Being outdoors and engaging in a repetitive task actually seems to induce a state of calm... (for me at least!)
If you need a reason to slow down, save some money, and support the environment, try letting nature do the work!

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Alaina Ellington said...

Thank you for your submission to A Carnival for Saving and Making Money!

-Living Simplistically

Colleen said...

I remember loveing the smell of clothes my mom used to hang out to dry. Hmmmm...